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I wish your wedding won't be the best day of your life.

I wish it to become the beginning of awesome!


The fact that you are viewing these pages tells me that you are likely to exchange your words of consent in the not too distant future or that you are photographers by yourself. Or maybe you’ve come here for the sake of pure interest.
To whatever group you belong, I am very pleased that you are here and would like to tell you something about wedding photography, my style and my work, about what’s important for me and what my bridal couples will benefit from in the end.
You, who are wanting to get married, are addressed primarily of course.
And if I’ll speak of brides and grooms hereafter – in case you are bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom – never mind, it really makes no difference to me!

First of all, an important point that is very dear to me and that shall give you a deeper insight into my work: it will be probably me who will be by your side most of the day. I’ll be your friend and helper, your calm anchor and will assist with words and deeds.
On your big day I’ll be more than just a contractor, for only then will I be able to experience and portray you as you are: real and candid.

The little moments

In most cases there will be only two situations on a wedding day where I’ll give you some instructions: the couple shooting and the group shots. The rest of the time I’ll stay in the background, unobtrusive, always attentive to capture even the most little beautiful moment. There’s the grandma who laughs heartily while playing with her grandchildren, usually not being delighted to get photographed at all. Or the uncle who stares into the distance, relaxed and thoughtful, though typically putting the same big smile on his face when being photographed.

Getting Ready​

I’d love to accompany you already in the hours before the ceremony starts during the preparations, the hairdressing, the make-up and the dressing up if you wish – the so called “Getting ready”.

The pictures telling the story of the transformation from woman to bride, of brides’ mothers proudly helping their daughter into the wedding dress, of bridesmaids mastering to ease the tension with a glass of champagne and a box of chocolates, of brides’ fathers seeing their child in a glamorous dress for the first time and longing for the little girl she once was with tearful eyes and of grooms sitting on a sofa in singlet and boxers drinking beer and gaming with their best buddies – these images already carry so many emotions, feelings and memories that they can thrill their viewers years later.

First Look

When and where do you want to see each other for the first time on your wedding day?
In a private atmosphere or at the beginning of the marriage?

It’s often called the First Look, meaning the first eye contact between bride and groom. If you like to enjoy that second in the absence of a large audience then I will help you to realize it that way to become one of the most exciting moments of the day. An believe me, you will discover that feeling in the pictures later on.

But also at the beginning of a wedding when, for instance, the bride is led to her groom by her fathers hand in a traditional way, those moments belong to the most stunning ones, when you look deep in each other’s eyes, when one could nearly here your hearts beating.

Couple shooting

For many bridal pairs  the couple or portrait shooting represents a photographic highlight on their wedding day.

With good reason, on the one hand, as the photos show both of you on that one day you’ve been looking forward to for a long time, in which you’ve surely invested a lot of work and money, dressed up in an outfit exclusively selected for this day and often, alas, never worn again afterwards. It will show you from your most beautiful and happy side, since it will only be the two of you – except for the photographer – in that hour, and for a moment far away from all the stress that was present in the hours and days before. On the other hand the photos of the bridal pair make up only a small friction of all that which is stored in my cameras on your big day.

I’ll try to bring you into a situation where I can show you as humans and not as models. I’ll try to create pictures which are unique with you and which suit you. Thereby you also don’t have to worry if it’s your first time in front of a camera. At best you won’t even notice how quickly time goes by and you’ll finally be surprised when I say “that’s it, we’ve got all we needed”.

Of course the individual look of the pictures can vary strongly depending on the lighting atmosphere at the time of the shooting. At noon we’ll get other results than in the evening just before sunset. Even a cloudy sky causes other colors and shadows than a bright sunshine. Either way, there’s a proper apporach for each lighting situation and what counts in the end is you.

Wedding ceremony and champagne reception

During the ceremony held by a wedding speaker, a registrar or a pastor, I try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible while catching the most important moments and emotions of you and your guests.

Often, the marriage is followed by a champagne reception for the invited guests and further congratulants while I try to capture those profound emotions that have accumulated during the ceremony and often culminate in the tears of friends and relatives of the bride and groom during the congratulations.

Dinner, wedding cake and party

There isn’t much to talk about. Cake cutting and the party in the evening with wedding dance, emotional speeches, unexpected surprises and hilarious dance performances – all these situations also provide me as a photographer with many good occasions to preserve the impressions of the day for you and those who are dear to you. In doing so I also like to present myself from my athletic side and crowd you and your guests a bit, because only if I’m in the middle of it instead of just being near by, the viewer will also be later on, and that’s exactly what emotional photography is all about for me.

What about you – do you agree with me on most of the points and can you identify with what I write?

If yes, then we definitely should get to know each other! I’m looking forward to meeting you!