Moments and memories


Impressions with real wedding photos and couple shootings

On a wedding day easily several thousand photos are created. And this is important because often a little detail, a nuance decides on whether a particular image of a series goes into the final selection. It’s always those little seconds that make the moment unique.

In this gallery I show you a small selection of what I focus on at a wedding. For privacy reasons, unfortunately, many pictures, especially family and children’s shots that make a wedding party just so special, can not be published here. As a wedding photographer, I attach great importance to the protection of your privacy.

The pictures shown here were taken during weddings and couple shootings in Sommerhausen, Würzburg and Thüngersheim in the district of Würzburg, in Prichsenstadt in the district of Kitzingen, but also in Retzstadt, Retzbach, Himmelstadt and Laudenbach near Karlstadt as well as in Karbach, Urspringen and Hafenlohr near Marktheidenfeld in the district of Main-Spessart.

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