Emotional and classy photography

Real and candid.

Wedding photographer in Main-Spessart, Würzburg and beyond

Hi, I’m glad that you’re here!

My name is Christian and I’m a wedding photographer with passion. I live in Retzbach, a district of Zellingen, located between Karlstadt and Würzburg directly at the Main river, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, forests and fields.

I love the image of creating pictures with my work that will still conjure a smile on the viewers face in 30 year’s time.

I find it incredibly exciting to meet new people, parties and cultures since each wedding is – for all things in common – still always individual.

My goal is to capture real, authentic emotions, feelings and situations.

I’d like to create memories and document them for you.
These include all the small and great moments you don’t even notice in the hustle and bustle of the event.

If you don’t feel like “Now laugh!” or “Now, look all nicely at the camera!” then I’m your man.

I mainly shoot in the Würzburg, Main-Spessart, Kitzingen and Schweinfurt area but I’m always looking forward to inquiries from all over Germany and beyond national borders, too.

Wedding photography

Documentary about one of the best days of your life​

You are currently in the middle of planning your wedding with some excitement and still looking for a wedding photographer?
You put a lot of emphasis on emotional and classy photography, preferably real and candid?

Then welcome to my site!

Get informed about my approach as a photographer and my style on weddings, about the content I put a special emphasis on and how I try to catch all the little and big moments.

Get inspired by the sample images presented here and there and especially in the gallery.

Learn more about me and how I found my passion for photography in general and for wedding photography in particular and why wedding photography is one of the most pleasant jobs I can think of.

As a wedding photographer I also have some info and answers to your most frequently asked questions like “How much does a wedding photographer cost?” or “How many photos will we receive?”.

Wow Christian, we are thrilled – these are just incredibly beautiful pictures! Perfect!

You have managed to capture all the emotions and feelings, whether from us or our guests.


Hi Christian. Calmness has fairly returned and again I have to tell you how your pictures blow my mind!

Can’t stop looking at them permanently.

Many many many thanks again!

Did I spark your interest?
Then just send me a message and tell me about your plans!